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SERIES: Jesus Face-to-Face

Find all of Pastor Jeff McKearney’s “Jesus Face-to-Face” series in one place.

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Jesus Face-to-Face: With Isaiah

Sermon From February 3, 2019

What is Jesus Christ's greatest desire for you? Is it the American dream? Is it to be a better person? Is that you might accept yourself, a better you? Is it to be forgiven? Continuing his "Jesus Face to Face" series, Pastor Jeff McKearney looks at Isaiah 6 and other passages to see how scripture answers that.

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Jesus Face to Face: With the Storm

Sermon From November 4, 2018

What must have it been like to stand face to face with the Creator of the Universe? To lock eyes with the second person of the Triune God? Throughout the Gospels, individuals from every walk of life encounter Jesus face to face. Each encounter made a profound impact on those he spoke with.

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