SERIES: II Corinthians


Intensive Care

Sermon From March 10, 2019

None of us is affliction free. But the problem in our modern age, that Paul address in 2 Corinthians, is that we think too highly of ourselves. We have limits. But God is limitless.

In this series in the book of 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton examines how God cares for us intensely through our afflictions so that we may comfort others.

Sincere Conscience

Sermon From March 17, 2019

What was Paul sparing the church at Corinth when he wrote to tell them he was not coming again to them? Is there a danger in trusting leadership too much?

In this second message in a series, Pastor Dan Brenton examines conscience. Our consciences are not infallible. All of our consciences are skewed by the inner man. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: Is our judgment shaped by preconceived ideas or by the word of God?

Making Enemies Friends


The enemy has a strategy of making friends into enemies. But Jesus used his mission on the cross to change that.

In this message continuing a series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at Paul's way of dealing with hurt from within the church and how he lovingly applies discipline. Being in a community of believers is the best place to go through and deal with hurt. It's a message we all need.

A Sure Bet

Sermon From April 7, 2019

We all fear failure. We all want guarantees in this life. But what God gives us are principles to live by, principles that demand disciplined obedience.

Continuing his series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at how Paul set aside what would look like a sure bet in this world, to take a risk for God and his purposes.


Sermon From April 14, 2019

We are a culture that expects certain standards. We expect credibility. The Apostle Paul faced that when dealing with the church at Corinth.

In this message in a continuing series on 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at this attitude. Does how we live match with what we say we are? Are we adequate or confidant in our accomplishments? Rather, what we find is that our adequacy comes only from God.

Only through God's power in our lives can anyone serve and accomplish what he wants them to accomplish. God doesn't pass out job descriptions without the ability to do them. God has made us adequate to steward His message to the world.

The Old vs. The New

Sermon from April 28, 2019

In 2 Corinthians 3:7-11, God tells us (through Paul) that the new covenant is better than the old covenant. Why? One reason is that we have a tendency to want to live by rules, to have someone tell us what to do.

Continuing his series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton tells us that God has something far better than a set of rules that we can't keep on our own. Instead, he offers us a loving, empowering grace through Jesus Christ.


Sermon From May 12, 2019

The story of man is that man doubts God's grace. Because of the Holy Spirit and His indwelling presence in our hearts, we never need to doubt God's grace. But why?

In his continuing series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at Paul's exhortation to the church in Corinth in 2 Corinthians 3:12-18. We learn that, through the saving work of Jesus, the veil in our hearts can be lifted.

We learn that God is not bound by our deficiencies to be able to save us through Jesus.


Sermon From May 19, 2019

It has been said that the very idea of the concept of "sin" has vanished from American consciousness. But it has not disappeared from the sight of God.

Continuing in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at Paul's message to the church at Corinth — and to us — that Satan is working to blind us to the truth of the Gospel. That truth is the greatest truth that man has ever known and will ever know: that Jesus died to pay the price of our sins.

Earthen Vessels

Sermon From May 26, 2019

How does God use our bad things for His good purposes? We are subject to illness. We are subject to weakness. We are subject to fatigue. Yet God is not reluctant to all His Holy Spirit to dwell in our weak vessels.

Join Pastor Dan Brenton as he continues teaching through 2 Corinthians, this time in 2 Corinthians 4:7-18. See how the power we have doesn't come from the broken vessels that we are, but in the God who dwells in those vessels.

Walk By Faith

Sermon From June 2, 2019

God asks us to look at what we can't see when he tells us to "walk by faith." But how do we do that in real life?

As we continue looking at 2 Corinthians, this time chapter 5, Pastor Dan Brenton teaches how God trains us to look and live eternally rather than temporal things.

Building Materials


What are we building our lives on? What does it matter for our future? As we continue in our series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at what the Bible says about our deeds and our future in eternity.

The Message We Bring

Sermon From June 23, 2019

All of us are quick to judge on externals — how we dress, how we talk, how we look. When we judge from our limited perspectives, we cause division. But Jesus, who sees into our hearts, transforms people from selfishness to selflessness.

Pastor Dan Brenton teaches from 2 Corinthians 5 as we continue our series in 2 Corinthians. We see that Christ's death on the cross made reconciliation between God and man possible. It also makes reconciliation between people possible. Only Christ can do that.

The Time Is Now

Sermon from June 30, 2019

How prevalent is procrastination? Why do we do it? We are notorious for putting things off. But what keeps us from doing what needs to get done?

Continuing in the series from 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton teaches from chapter 6, looking at the first 10 verses. The very thing that keeps us from doing what God is calling us to do is the same thing God wants to use to help us do what He wants us to do. God pushes us to be than we could ever be on our own.

The time is now for us to engage.

Come Out Of The Maze

Sermon from July 7, 2019

Pastor Dan Brenton continues in a series from 2 Corinthians as he teaches from Chapter 6 and verses 11-18. What do we do when we run into troubles as a church? How do we handle conflict?

Left to ourselves, we will have conflicts. But only through the cross will we be able to have reconciliation and a right relationship with God and each other.


Sermon From July 14, 2019

Sometimes sorrow is the very best thing we can experience. Why is that? Sometimes the deepest lessons we learn are through sorrow.

As we continue our series in 2 Corinthians, Pastor Dan Brenton looks at the passage from 2 Corinthians 7:1-12. Here we see that we have two choices when it comes to sorrow: repentance that leads to life or continual grief and guilt that only leads to frustration and to death.