SERIES: Holy Sexuality


Introducing the Holy Sexuality Series

Pastor Dan Brenton introduces the upcoming series called Holy Sexuality he will be presenting at GI Free.

How Did we Get Here?

Sermon from January 20, 2019

Sexuality is more than just sex. But to understand sex we need to understand how God created us and who we are in him. Pastor Dan Brenton opens a six-week series by understanding some foundational basics.

The Image of God/The Fall of Man

Sermon from January 27, 2019

Pastor Dan Brenton continues his series on sexuality with this message from Genesis 3. Satan, in his efforts to dishonor God, deceives Adam and Eve. We see how his pattern of deception continues in the way he tries to destroy our sexuality.

Holy Sexuality

Sermon from February 10, 2019

What is God's preferred way for us to live out our sexuality? In the third part in this series, Pastor Dan Brenton tells us how God's vision for our sexuality consists of two paths. We all have a choice: Live outside of God's design or be holy.

Marriage and Singleness

Sermon from February 17, 2019

Ultimately, the reason God created sex and sexuality was to show off what He is like. Whether you are single or married, you were created by God with this in mind. You are sexual beings, created in the image of God.

The Conversations We Need to Have

Sermon from February 24, 2019

The modern church has failed to properly explain how we are made in the image of God through our sexuality. If we turn a blind eye to it, we become of victim of it.