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Other Considerations:

  • All content, publications, speakers, and other forms of communication must be fully compatible with biblical principals and the Evangelical Free Church Statement of Faith.

  • This is a smoke free facility.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds.

  • Groups and individuals assume responsibility for the access, use, and security of the facility.

  • Fees do not include paper products or items from the kitchen. Coffee/cups/napkins etc. should be provided by the event if required.

  • Only GI Free ministry events may use kitchen paper products.

  • No red punch or drinks may be served in the building (re colored spills permanently stain the carpet).

  • The church reserves the rights to bump these events up to 90 days in advance if a church ministry requests use of the same facility.

Set Up & Clean Up:

  • You are responsible for your own set-up, clean-up and to reset the room to it’s original layout.

  • Please wipe down all tables, vacuum, empty garbage and replace can liners. Garbage goes in the dumpster on the east side of the building. Cleaning supplies are in the north hallway directly across from the kitchen.

A few days before your event, please contact the church office to make arrangements for access to the lockbox.


Facilities Use - General Information

(Updated May 15, 2017)



GI Free believes the facilities and equipment were provided by God through His followers. Therfore, they are to be used by individuals and groups in keeping with the church’s mission, philosophy and Evangelical Free Church Statement of Faith.


Priority will be gives to events and activities scheduled by GI Free ministry staff and ministry committees.

Second priority will be non-church ministry activities and meetings hosted by those within our church family (e.g. anniversaries, receptions, weddings, gift showers, etc.). Within this category, funerals will be considered a higher priority than those mentioned previously.

Third priority will be considered in the following order: like-minded community ministries, then community groups serving the basic needs of our community (e.g. food pantries, housing, etc.).

How to Schedule an Event

Church ministry activities and committee meetings can be scheduled directly with the church office staff.

Non-church (second and third priority) events must submit a Facilities Use Request Form via our webpage or directly to the church office. Fees may apply (see below for fee schedule).

The Facilities Use Request Form will be reviewed by front desk, facilities manager, and Executive Pastor. When additional input is required, the Trustees will be sought out.

Upon approval, events will be placed on the GI Free calendar.


Fee Schedule

(half day is 4 hours, over 4 hours constitutes full day. Fees due prior to event.)

Worship Center $300 Flat Fee (Sound & Video Projection Equipment to be operated by our technicians $25/hour, $50 minimum)

Gym or Chapel $150 Flat Fee (Sound and Video Projection Equipment may be run by one of the even’s participants if they set up a time to be trained on the equipment prior to the event)

Youth Rooms $100 Flat Fee (Sound & Video Projection Equipment may be run by one of the event’s participants if they set up a time to be trained on the equipment prior to the event)

Gathering Place $50/half day or $100/day

Classrooms $25/half day or $50/day

Nursery $25/half day or $50/day

Kitchen $50/half day or $100/day (Use of the kitchen may sometimes require our Kitchen Coordinator to be present. The need for the kitchen coordinator determined by level of need - $50 flat fee)

Overnight church groups: Suggest $2 per person. Plus $25 janitorial/week day - $50 janitorial/Friday or Saturday night

Depending upon size of event, time or day and/or day of week; additional janitorial help may be required to ready the facility for regular scheduled events. Additional janitorial fees are $25 per hour with a $50 minimum.