From the Old Testament to the New Testament, we see God giving freedom, promises and blessings. The Israelites’ journey in the Old Testament was a journey from captivity to freedom, and freedom into the inheritance of the promises of blessings. We are on this same journey today.
There are great parallels from the Old Testament to the New Testament. When Pharaoh had the people in bondage, they hated it, but they were powerless to throw it off, and they cried out to God. Sin is bondage in our own lives. But there is freedom — the Passover lamb. The perfect lamb was sacrificed; it’s blood applied to the door. The people stayed inside under the covering of the blood. The death angel passed over every house marked with blood, and as a result, Pharaoh released the children of Israel. Jesus is our Passover lamb. He gave His life for us. He was sacrificed. His blood covers us.
Understanding the Bible as a whole can be difficult. “This I Believe” a 5 week sermon series, will walk us through the Gospel to provide a framework for understanding the story of God’s redemption plan and the message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

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