We desire to see each individual that comes through our doors be a person of prayer. One of the ways we encourage this is through P28. P28 is a prayer challenge — choose one thing, a person or situation, and pray once a day, every day during the month of February.

Sometimes setting a specific time is helpful. If you want to pray for one minute at 1:00 p.m., go for it! If you want to take one hour one time a day to pray, that’s awesome. Just make it a goal to pray for the same thing everyday throughout the month of February.

What are other things you can do for the P28 Challenge?
  • Commit to faithfully attending our Weekend Worship Gatherings at 8:15 or 11:00 a.m.for the entire month.
  • Commit to serving within a ministry area in which you have never served  before at GI Free. Email Kelsey@gifree.org for serving opportunities.
  • Commit to attending and learning within a Adult Bible Fellowship on Sunday during our 9:35 educational hour.
  • Commit to giving sacrificially during the offering, via Pushpay, online, or our GI Free Church app.
  • Take one day a week to fast.

It’s an incredible thing to approach the throne of God with boldness in praying, but it’s also incredible to see what God can do in your prayer life because of your boldness. Trust He will move and answer prayers.

Whatever P28 looks like for you, commit to praying and seeing how the Lord works in your life and in the person or situation you are praying for.