Our church family feels that the facilities and equipment of the Grand Island Evangelical Free Church were provided by God through God’s followers. As a result, we would like for them to be used only by groups and individuals that are compatible with the church’s mission and philosophies.


1st Priority for facility use will be given to scheduled events and activities scheduled by GI Free ministry staff and ministry committees within our congregation. 2nd Priority will be non-church ministry activities and meetings. (e.g. anniversaries, receptions, community groups, weddings, etc.)

How to Schedule Events:

  1. Contact the church office to see if the date being requested is available.
  2. Submit a “Facilities Use Request” form along with the appropriate payment. DOWNLOAD // ONLINE.
  3. This form will be reviewed by a three person committee which meets weekly.
  4. Once approved, the committee will officially place the event on the church calendar (see Additional Considerations below) and inform the event’s contact person.

Additional Considerations:

  • No fee will be charged regular church attenders for funeral meals, receptions, etc. where additional janitorial services are not required.
  • When approved, all events (except weddings) will be placed on the church calendar; however, the church reserves the right to bump these events up to 90 days in advance if a church ministry requests use of the same facility.
  • Groups and individuals assume responsibility for the access, use, and security of the facility.

A Few Rules:

  • Only GIFEC ministry events may use kitchen paper products
  • No red punch or drinks may be served in the building (red colored spills permanently stain the carpet).
  • Groups should use only the approved rooms.
  • No smoking is allowed in the facility.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the church property.
  • Furniture in the Gathering Place cannot be moved or taken to a different location.

Current Fee Schedule (For non-attenders and non-church ministry activities):

  • Worship Center $300 Flat Fee (Sound & Video Projection Equipment, only to be operated by our technicians $25/hour, $50 minimum)
  • Gym or Chapel $150 Flat Fee (Sound & Video Projection Equipment may be run by one of the event’s participants if they set up a time to be trained on the equipment prior to the event)
  • Gathering Place $40/half day or $70/day
  • Nursery $25/half day or $45/day
  • Kitchen $60/half day or $90/day (Use of the kitchen may sometimes require our Kitchen Coordinator to be present – $50 flat fee)
  • Overnight Church Groups $2 per person with a $25 minimum fee
  • Additional Janitorial $15/man hour, $50 minimum fee
  • Youth Rooms (Sound & Video Projection Equipment to be operated by our technicians – $25/hour, $50 minimum. Equipment may be run by one of the event’s participants if they set up a time to be trained on the equipment prior to the event.)